What's This Going to Cost?

Lost Coast Headlands Cam from Shelter Cove Live image from Shelter Cove
Lost Coast Headlands

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How much is one of these things?

It's hard to give a ballpark figure because there are so many variables. Contact us via email so we can figure out what you want and need and we can give you a rough quote.

Are you going to install this for us and then maintain it?

Yes to both, we'll also visit before we install and we'll also come fix it if it's totally broken. We observe the images and monitor and adjust the components' software parameters at our office. You're also welcome to have your own tech maintain it. Actually, we like to have a person on the ground who will help us troubleshoot; everything is plug and play and if a component is unresponsive we will send a replacement your way or come fix it ourselves. But the one person you do need, and this is important, is a window washer. You have to have someone who can keep the viewports clean.

We want to see the pictures as badly as you do and if something breaks we will work with you to get it fixed. The manufacturers warranty covers the products, and we do the job right. Our first ever camera was installed in 2001 and it's still in use.

What happens if there's a power failure?

We install a surge arrester to protect the equipment and can also provide a UPS, but your network and Internet connection will likely be down so that last item's probably redundant. When the power comes back on, everything reboots automatically and life goes on.

We like a different camera and router. Why do you recommend the ones you do?

We like to use the tools that are reliable and that have worked for us over the years. But if the hardware and software does what we and you need it to do, and if you're happy with the results, we'll use whatever equipment you specify.

What is your monthly fee to put the images on the web site?

There isn't any. You pay only for the initial equipment and the installation.

How do people know I have a camera and want to share my pictures?

We promote the heck out of these pictures and place lots of links to them. If you own a business, this is an excellent advertising aid. If you want to keep your pictures private, that can also be arranged.

What if we don't want this anymore, or find out it's part of a blandly evil plot to disrupt the ionic stronosphere and disable the vibrational matrix of the sublingual plane?

Oops, you found us out. Pull that plug. Close that camera port range on your router or just power off or disconnect the camera system. Contact us and we may even buy some equipment back from you.

How do we contact you?

We're easy. Our contact email is at the bottom of every page on this web site.

Contact person for this website:  sunnyfortuna@gmail.commore cams