North Cam, Point Arena Lighthouse, Mendocino County

Point Arena webcam in Northern California!

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Most of the water in the ocean basins is believed to have originated from the condensation of water found in the early atmosphere as the Earth cooled after its formation. But on its way to the ocean the water picks up chemicals released from continental rocks through weathering. Only six elements and compounds comprise about 99% of sea salts: chlorine (Cl-), sodium (Na+), sulfur (SO4-2), magnesium (Mg+2), calcium (Ca+2), and potassium (K+).

And that's what you're looking through when viewing the images originating from this peninsula. Even though these cameras are located 70 feet above the breakers, the wind here can be so ferocious and the spray so pervasive that these salts are constantly coating the equipment. We very much appreciate the crew that cleans the cameras.

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