State Route 299 Berry Summit Sandhouse, Humboldt County

Berry Summit webcam on State Route 299, Humboldt County in Northern California!
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State Route 299, also known as Highway 299 and Trinity Highway, is a mostly 2-lane highway that begins at Highway 101 on the California coast and wends its way inland. Berry Summit, at an elevation of 2,803 feet, is the first pass in the Coast Range, and it is about 28 miles east of Highway 101 and about 10 miles west of Willow Creek. A few times during the winter months this becomes a popular destination for Humboldt County coastal dwellers when a bit of snow collects at this elevation.

Highway 101 -- Berry Vista Point -- Berry Sandhouse -- Oregon Mt -- Buckhorn -- Redding

Mad River webcams on Highway 101, Humboldt County in Northern California Berry Summit Vista Point Cam Berry Sandhouse webcam on Route 299, Humboldt County in Northern California Oregon Mountain webcam on Route 299, Trinity County in Northern Californa

Highway 101
2 cams
Humboldt County

Berry Vista Point
2 cams
Humboldt County

Berry Sandhouse
2803 ft.
Humboldt County

Oregon Mountain
2770 ft.
Trinity County

Buckhorn Sandhouse Cam Redding Eureka Way Cam Blank image Blank image

Buckhorn Summit
2646 ft.
Trinity County

Eureka Way
Shasta County


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